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Submitting a complaint

Once you’ve decided to proceed with a complaint, you can submit your discriminatory action complaint by following the steps below. Please review our tips for meeting all our requirements before you submit a complaint.

Submitting your complaint form

First, download and complete a Worker Complaint of Discriminatory Action.

You can submit your Discriminatory Action Complaint documents using our secure, online portal.

Submit online

You may also submit your documents by mail to WorkSafeBC, Compliance Section, PO Box 5350 Stn Terminal, Vancouver, B.C. V6B 5L5, or by fax at 604.233.4040.

Tips for meeting our requirements in your submission

Be thorough

We ask that you be clear and specific, including as much detail as possible in your complaint. Explain precisely what happened, who was involved, and when and where it occurred.

We require the following:

  • Written statements from witnesses
  • Claim number, if a claim for injury or occupational disease relates to the discriminatory action
  • Full names, job titles, and any relevant dates or times

If you do not provide enough information for us to determine the complaint’s validity, we will be forced to dismiss it.

Be discreet

We are required to disclose to employers all information from discriminatory action complaints. We ask that you do not include information in your complaint that you aren’t willing to disclose to your employer.