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Inspections and prevention activities

As part of our strategy to reduce the serious injury rate by applying resources and effort where they will be most effective, WorkSafeBC officers are inspecting workplaces and conducting consultation and education activities.

Inspections and prevention activities

Risk area Details
Asbestos Industry awareness
  • Contractor awareness campaign
  • Based on the past work, increase the asbestos focus on younger and newer workers at the secondary, trade school, and technical college levels
Targeted inspections
Silica Industry awareness
  • Update the data applications and advance the usability of the Silica Control Tool with activity exposures not currently covered
  • Raise awareness of exposure risks and required controls in subsectors of the manufacturing industry
  • Promote the new informational resources for the oil and gas industry
  • Regularly send out information and communications directly from WorkSafeBC and through partnerships with Energy Safety Canada and the BC Construction Safety Alliance (BCCSA)
Targeted inspections
  • Inspection cycles in the construction, manufacturing, and oil and gas sectors
Solar radiation Industry awareness
  • Combined communications activities through partnerships with Sun Safety at Work, CAREX, Canadian Cancer Society, BC Cancer Agency, and other partners
  • Ongoing awareness campaign, including enews, bulletins, journal articles, and events targeted at outdoor and young and new workers, focusing on worker attitudes and practices
  • Promotional activities for national Sun Awareness Week
  • Presentations and meetings with industry associations
Targeted inspections and consultations
  • Officers will visit workplaces in the construction, municipalities, and agriculture industries; focus of visits will be to promote awareness and develop solar radiation and heat stress programs for outdoor workers
Welding fumes Industry awareness
  • Apply and communicate the findings of the completed welding fumes study across industries, which assessed risk exposure levels, welding techniques, equipment set-up, current standards, and existing and required risk controls
  • Promote the new employer resource package to raise industry awareness on exposure and how to reduce the risk when working with welding equipment, including an updated exposure control plan (ECP) template
  • Develop and promote a generic training package and engage associations and trade schools to educate employers as well as young and new workers about risks associated with welding
Targeted inspections
  • Inspection cycles within general and heavy construction subsectors, as well as the metallic and non-metallic mineral products subsector
Sensitizers Industry awareness
  • Promote the new informational resources about epoxy and resins including a video and new exposure control plan (ECP) templates
  • Develop a sensitizer industry and product reference sheet that can be utilized by officers and industry
  • Promote industry awareness about harmful exposure to suppliers, industry associates, employers, and workers using WorkSafeBC and OSHA materials
Targeted inspections
  • Workplaces will be visited by prevention officers to raise awareness
Lead Industry awareness
  • Develop and promote a generic training package and engage associations and trade schools to educate employers as well as young and new workers about risks associated with lead
  • Promote the revised Safe Work Practices for Handling Lead resource
Targeted inspections
  • Inspection cycles in the general and heavy construction subsectors
Hazardous drugs

Diesel exhaust fumes

Noise exposure
Industry awareness
  • Develop and promote new informational resources across these risk exposures, including new videos, information bulletins, policy/program development templates, new exposure control plan (ECP) templates, and interactive data interface tools