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Motion Picture and Television Initiative

The Motion Picture and Television Initiative is designed to engage industry partners primarily in the motion picture and television production industry, and where possible, in performing arts and the live performance industry. This initiative aims to increase industry awareness of the requirements and obligations to identify the unique risks and hazards of the work activities, develop appropriate controls, and use safety and health systems to create and maintain a safe and healthy workplace.

Our goals

The goals of the 2021–2023 Motion Picture and Television Initiative are to reduce the risk of serious injuries by applying a risk-based inspectional approach and placing the accountability for compliance with the employers who are creating the risks.

Our focus

  • Consult with key employer groups and union organizations and educate them on key topics, including identifying hazards, assessing risk, implementing appropriate controls, and knowing the obligations of workplace responsibilities
  • Continue to work closely with Actsafe (the industry health and safety association)
  • Educate and engage studios, producers, and production managers responsible for planning and directing the work in risk-based discussions and communication
  • Enforce the Workers Compensation Act and Occupational Health and Safety Regulation through risk-based worksite inspections

Additional focus for the motion picture industry

As we developed the 2021–2023 initiative, we recognized that within the three-year time frame we would need to retain flexibility to add additional focus areas. In 2020, a three-year review of the injury data from the motion picture industry determined that a main driver of claims was from workers falling from heights and falling from the same level. A special focus for the motion picture industry will be on how employers are identifying these hazards and controlling the risk.

What you can do

Our Performing arts pages provide resources and information on how to understand and address some of the health and safety issues to focus on in your industry.