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Film and Production Initiative

The Film and Production Initiative is designed to engage industry partners in the motion picture, performing arts, and live performance industry. The initiative will aim to increase industry awareness of requirements and obligations to identify the unique risks and hazards of the work activities, develop appropriate controls, and operationalize safety and health systems to create and maintain a safe and healthy workplace.


The goals of the 2018–2020 Film and Production Initiative are to reduce the risk of serious injuries and place the accountability for compliance with the employers who are creating the risks.


  • Consult with key employer groups and union organizations and educate them on key topics, including risk assessment and workplace responsibilities
  • Continue to work closely with Actsafe (the industry health and safety association)
  • Educate and engage studios, producers, and production managers responsible for planning and directing the work
  • Enforce the Workers Compensation Act and Occupational Health and Safety Regulation through site inspections

2019 additional focus

When we developed the 2018–2020 initiative, we recognized that within the three-year time frame we would need to retain flexibility to add additional focus areas. In 2019, as part of our work on health and safety programs and committees, we will reach out beyond the workers at the immediate worksite, to the managers and executives responsible for planning and oversight. We will also review data from the 2018 film and production inspection pilot, and review materials and resources related to stunt safety and worker orientations.

Deliverables and timelines

Activities Details
Q1–Q4 2019
  • Officer team training
  • Identify productions and performing arts events for inspection
  • Utilizing PACE protocols, focus inspections primarily on CU 763025 (Motion picture, Commercial, or Television Production)
  • Continue to engage with studios/production companies that were inspected in 2018 to determine sustained compliance as new shows enter production.
  • Secondary inspections for basic safety requirements will include CUs 761030 (Performing Arts) and 761011 (Live Performance Venue)
Awareness, outreach, and compliance activities
  • Continue to participate on and provide support to two Actsafe Standing Committees (Motion Picture and Performing Arts) and provide resources as needed
  • Support Actsafe outreach activities and resources (e.g., Event Safety Conference, safety awareness course, program templates, bulletins, training materials)
  • Update Focus on Safety resource
  • Identify opportunities to locate newly registered film productions
  • Continue to build relationships with applicable unions and other industry organizations

Updates and results

As part of our strategic initiative to develop measures to assess the effectiveness of prevention activities, we are providing updates of our High Risk Strategies and Industry Initiatives.

Note: To save space in bulleted lists, our update documents may refer to occupational health and safety as OHS. All references to the Act, refer to Part Three of the Workers Compensation Act. Penalties and warning letters reported in updates may have been initiated by inspections in a previous quarter.

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