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Inspections and prevention activities

As part of our strategy to reduce the serious injury rate by applying resources and effort where they will be most effective, our officers are inspecting workplaces and conducting consultation and education activities.

Inspections and prevention activities

Activities Details

Inspection approach
Q1–Q4 2022

  • Continue with a crane and mobile equipment inspection approach using the "Level-Up: Own Your Own Lift" workbook series to assess and record each employer’s effectiveness in identifying and mitigating risks at every stage of the crane and mobile equipment use.
  • Develop a concrete pump truck inspection strategy, including a guide for officers that will ensure employers are conducting machine inspections, maintenance, and repair in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications, CSA standards, and requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Regulation.

Education and outreach
Q1–Q4 2022

Educate and consult with employers on:

  • BC Crane Safety’s Tower Crane Assembly/Disassembly Industry Best Practice Tool
  • "Plan For 10" High Voltage Limits of Approach campaign

Develop supporting tools and resources
Q1–Q3 2022

Assist BC Crane Safety and industry to develop:

  • Provisional (apprentice) crane operator training curriculum that will define minimum required competencies for achieving full scope crane operator status.
  • Crane and mobile equipment operator competency checklists that will assist employers in confirming their crane or equipment operators can demonstrate competency and are familiar with the machine operating instructions, prior to operation.

Regulation amendments
Q1–Q4 2022

  • There are multiple crane and mobile equipment related OHS Regulation revisions underway in 2022 which will result in changes to equipment inspection and equipment operation requirements. We will provide direction to ensure that updates are effective in promoting safe equipment use in B.C.