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Inspections and prevention activities

As part of our strategy to reduce the serious injury rate by applying resources and effort where they will be most effective, our officers are inspecting workplaces and conducting consultation and education activities.


Activities Details

Inspection-based engagements
Q1–Q4 2020

  • All locations selected will be inspected at least once by their regional officer. The inspection will focus on the serious injury risks from the seven strategic focus areas that are most applicable to each location
  • In addition, all locations will have fire and explosion risks evaluated as a part of the inspection
  • Slips, trips, and fall risks will be discussed as appropriate
  • Officers will follow up as needed to assist employers in strengthening their safety management systems to reduce their risks

Combustible dust workplace inspections
Q1–Q4 2020

  • A group of selected sawmills will receive at least one inspection by the combustible dust team officers

Employer self-evaluations
Q1–Q4 2020

  • Locations selected for employer self-evaluations will be engaged by their regional officer starting in Q1 and provided an option to self-evaluate their safety management system in relation to one or more of the serious injury focus areas and their fire and explosion risks

Consultation and education activities

Activities Details

Slip, trip and fall resource campaign
Q1–Q4 2020

  • Distribute and promote the new resources

Officer inspectional support tools
Q1 2020

  • Develop and distribute the top 5 risks tool and safety management system sustainability measurement tool