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Proposed Policy Amendments Regarding the Treatment of Principals

At issue is a review of current policy with respect to the treatment of principals of limited companies in the Assessment Manual. This policy review focuses on three issues:

  • the first issue relates to the treatment of principals as workers.  Current policy contains an exception to the general rule that principals of limited companies are considered workers under the Workers Compensation Act.  This exception has created uncertainty among stakeholders as to who is considered a worker;
  • the second issue relates to how shareholder dividends are included in assessable payroll; and
  • the third issue relates to the treatment of active officers of societies, cooperatives, trade unions and other similar entities.

At their meeting on November 28, 2012, WorkSafeBC’s governing body, the Board of Directors, approved the release of a discussion paper with options to stakeholders for comment.

Stakeholders are invited to review the discussion paper and provide feedback by June 28, 2013.

Discussion paper (PDF 284kb)

There are a number of ways for stakeholders to provide feedback on the options and draft policy amendments:

(a) Comment link:

Through the Comment link below, you will be able to provide immediate feedback by completing an online submission form.

Please note: Once you click the “submit” button at the bottom of the form you cannot access it again to make additional comments. Therefore, if you wish to make detailed comments in the feedback section, you may want to draft your comments using a word processing format and then cut and paste them into the submission form.


Alternatively, submissions can be submitted as follows:





Valerie Vojnic
Policy Analyst
Policy and Regulation Division
PO Box 5350 Station Terminal
Vancouver, BC  V6B 5L5



604 279-7599; or toll-free in B.C. 1 877-279-7599

An acknowledgement of receipt will be sent for each submission. Please be advised that stakeholders will not be contacted regarding the contents of their submissions unless clarification is needed.

WorkSafeBC’s governing body, the Board of Directors, will consider stakeholder feedback before it adopts any amendments to the current policies.

Please note that all comments become part of the Policy and Regulation Division’s database and may be published, including the identity of organizations and those participating on behalf of organizations. The identity of those who have participated on their own behalf will be kept confidential according to the provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.