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WHMIS Core Material: A resource manual for the application and implementation of WHMIS

The WHMIS Core Material manual is a reference source for those who must interpret and apply the requirements of WHMIS. Suppliers and manufacturers of controlled products, employers, industrial hygienists, and health and safety committees are covered.

The material in the following PDFs is protected by copyright. It cannot be reproduced in any manner.

Full document (PDF 8.5mb)

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WHMIS Core Material is also available as a series of smaller PDF files. The approximate file size is indicated. There is also a zip archive containing all of the files at the bottom of the list. Please note that bookmarks/links from document to document will only work if the PDF files are maintained together in one folder/directory.

Cover, acknowledgements, title page, CCIP data, table of contents Miscellaneous (PDF 2.1mb)
Introduction to WHMIS Chapter 1 (PDF 217kb)
Classification Chapter 2 (PDF 814kb)
Partial and Complete Exemptions Chapter 3 (PDF 1.2mb)
The Label Chapter 4 (PDF 1.4mb)
The Material Safety Data Sheet Chapter 5 (PDF 3.4mb)
Worker Education and Training Chapter 6 (PDF 203kb)
Confidential Business Information Chapter 7 (PDF 265kb)
Resources Chapter 8 (PDF 224kb)
Zip archive containing all the above files, requires zip utility to decompress Zip archive (ZIP 8.3mb)

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