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Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)

For regulation information visit the WHMIS section of Safety at Work.

WHMIS manuals and publications

Title:   WHMIS 2015 at Work Revised
  Order #:   BK40-2015
  Description:   This booklet contains general information about WHMIS – the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System. It describes the three main elements of WHMIS (WHMIS labels, MSDSs, and WHMIS education and training programs) and outlines the responsibilities of suppliers, employers, and workers for these elements. It also offers useful information about the kinds of hazards and chemical characteristics of products covered by WHMIS, and two checklists, one on implementing a WHMIS program and the other on WHMIS education and training for workers.
      (PDF 2.1mb)
Title:   WHMIS Core Material: A resource manual for the application and implementation of WHMIS
  Order #:   RR20
  Description:   A reference source for those who must interpret and apply the requirements of WHMIS. Intended for suppliers and manufacturers of controlled products, employers,occupational hygienists, and health and safety committees.
Title:   Suppliers' Guide to WHMIS: Preparing compliant material safety data sheets and labels
  Order #:   RR22
  Description:   A step-by-step guide and reference book to help suppliers and employers classify products and to review and prepare supplier labels and MSDSs to meet applicable WHMIS legislation.
Title:   WHMIS Instructor's Manual
  Order #:   RR7
  Description:   The WHMIS Instructor's Manual is designed to assist you in delivering WHMIS education and training. It includes a prepared lesson plan with modules covering the basic elements of WHMIS, a step-by-step guide on how to implement the program while integrating workplace information into your presentation.
      (PDF 1.2mb)
Title:   WHMIS Participant Workbook
  Order #:   RR6
  Description:   This workbook is an overview of the key component of WHMIS that include classification, labels, and material safety data sheets. Participants are encouraged to review the exercises and use specific workplace examples for a better understanding of the WHMIS program.
      (PDF 1.2mb)
Title:   WHMIS Program Evaluation: Module for Occupational Health and Safety Committee
  Order #:   RR5
  Description:   As part of the overall workplace health and safety program, this audit will assist employers to establish and effective WHMIS program. With the aid of general checklists, recommendations for follow-up, guidelines for safe work procedures, and references to publications on specific issues, employers will be able to identify areas of concern and take the necessary corrective actions.
Title:   WHMIS: The Basics
  Order #:   BK61

This publication provides an overview of the basic components of WHMIS: classification, labels, and material safety data sheets. Modelled on the WHMIS Participant Workbook, this stand-alone, easy-to-read resource also provides review exercises and answer keys for self-assessment.
(PDF 858kb)


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