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Hearing loss prevention

Title:   Basic Noise Calculations
  Order #:   N/A
  Description:   This document explains how occupational noise measurements can be refined and used to calculate noise exposure levels. Anyone who has worked through the companion document, Occupational Noise Surveys, may need the information in Basic Noise Calculations.
      (PDF 624kb)
Title:   Common Questions about WorkSafeBC's Hearing Aid Program
  Order #:   CM011
  Description:   This document contains answers to frequently asked questions about the WorkSafeBC Hearing Aid Program.
      (PDF 99kb)
Title:   Don't put it on the bench...put it on your ears!
  Order #:   0601
  Description:   Hearing Loss Prevention poster
      (PDF 221kb)
Title:   Hear for Good: Preventing noise exposure at work Revised
  Order #:   PH9
  Description:   This pamphlet explains noise-induced hearing loss, noise control, and hearing protection. It also covers different types of hearing protection and how to fit and care for hearing protection.
      (PDF 647kb)
Title:   Noise Exposure Record explanation and definitions
  Order #:   CM084
  Description:   This document explains the definitions used in the Noise Exposure Record (NER).
      (PDF 107kb)
Title:   Occupational Noise Surveys
  Order #:   N/A
  Description:   This is a technical document that gives details on how noise surveys should be performed and how the results should be reported. See also the companion document, Basic Noise Calculations.
      (PDF 685kb)
Title:   So you think hearing protection is boring...think again
  Order #:   1201
  Description:   Hearing Loss Prevention poster
      (PDF 150kb)
Title:   Sound Advice: A guide to hearing loss prevention programs
  Order #:   BK12
  Description:   This guide explains what is required of a hearing conservation program and provides general information on implementing a hearing conservation program.
      (PDF 1.17mb)
Title:   Testing Your Hearing: How and Why Revised
  Order #:   CM018
  Description:   This document outlines information on testing hearing, including why testing should be done, who does the testing, how the testing is done, why a medical history is needed, and what is done with the test results.
      (PDF 77kb)
Title:   Your hearing aids, your hearing aid clinic, and you Revised
  Order #:   PH73
  Description:   This guide contains information on choosing a hearing aid, hearing aid maintenance, and how your hearing aid clinic can help you.
      (PDF 256kb)