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Title:   Lockout
  Order #:   BK21
  Description:   This booklet defines lockout, explains lockout policy and procedures, and provides guidance on compliance with Regulation requirements.
      (PDF 2.4mb)
Title:   Working Safely Around Electricity
  Order #:   BK19
  Description:   This booklet explains the dangers of working on and around energized low- and high-voltage equipment and conductors. It is written for supervisors and workers who work around and with electrical circuits and power lines as part of their job and who are familiar with the basic hazards of electrical contact. The three sections include the dangers of low-voltage contact, the dangers of high-voltage contact, and how to deal with electrical shock injuries. Workers who work around electrical conductors, such as painters and equipment operators, and who are unfamiliar with all the hazards of electrical contact, will also find the information in this booklet useful.
      (PDF 2.7mb)

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