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Confined space entry

Title:   Confined Space Entry Program: A Reference Manual
  Order #:   BK84
  Description:   This book describes measures used to control hazards in confined spaces. It is written for employers, owners, managers, supervisors, and joint committees in workplaces where there are confined spaces. It can be used as a reference to develop your confined space entry program and to assist you with meeting the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation. This book also will be helpful to workers who may need to enter a confined space.
      (PDF 805kb) Spanish, Vietnamese and Korean are now available. Chinese, simplified; Chinese, traditional and Punjabi are coming soon.
Title:   Confined spaces in agriculture New
  Order #:   BK139, 140, 141, 142, 143, 144, 145, 146

These eight books are written for agricultural employers to help them understand what confined spaces are, where confined spaces may be located on their farm operations, and what hazards may be present. The books are organized by farm type and identify the five basic steps employers need to follow if there are confined spaces on their farm, along with requirements that need to be met before anyone enters a confined space.

BK139 - Berry and vegetable farms (PDF 499kb)
BK140 - Dairy farms (PDF 548kb)
BK141 - Grain and seed farms (PDF 523kb)
BK142 - Greenhouses, nurseries, and floriculture (PDF 603kb)
BK143 - Mushroom farm composting and growing (PDF 599kb)
BK144 - Orchards and vineyards (PDF 592kb)
BK145 - Poultry and egg farms (PDF 395kb)
BK146 - Ranches, animal farms, and feedlots (PDF 536kb)

Title:   Confined spaces in agriculture: A handbook for workers New
  Order #:   BK138
  Description:   This handbook is written for workers in the agricultural industry to help them learn how to recognize a confined space, the potential hazards of a confined space, and how to stay safe when working in or near these spaces.
      (PDF 347kb)
Title:   Hazards of Confined Spaces
  Order #:   BK80
  Description:   This book describes the main types of hazards found in confined spaces. Confined spaces may contain hazardous atmospheres, including insufficient oxygen, toxic (poisonous) air, or an explosive atmosphere.
      (PDF 806kb)
Title:   Hazards of Confined Spaces
  Order #:   BK81, BK82, BK83

Fatal accidents in confined spaces often happen because workers are not aware that they are entering a confined space that contains a life-threatening atmosphere or other hazards. These booklets are designed to make workers and employers aware of the hazards of confined spaces. There are three versions containing examples specific to different industries (BK81, BK82, BK83), as well as a book for all other industries (BK80).

BK81 - Shipping and Transportation Industries (PDF 835kb)
BK82 - Food and Beverage Industries (PDF 432kb)
BK83 - Municipalities and the Construction Industry (PDF 439kb)