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Registering for coverage

Do I have to register?

Most employers are required by law to register their business/firm with WorkSafeBC and pay premiums. Registration of employers is legislated by the Workers Compensation Act. But obtaining coverage is more than just a legislated requirement. When you're covered by WorkSafeBC insurance, you're protected against lawsuits from injured workers. If a worker is injured or contracts an occupational disease while on the job during the course of employment, WorkSafeBC covers the worker's medical and wage-loss costs. Workers are automatically protected under the Act and cannot register for WorkSafeBC insurance coverage.

Generally, registration is mandatory if you:

To access online registration, the quickest and most efficient way to register, visit Employer Self-Serve Registration.

Optional registration

Registration is optional for some firms or individuals that don't meet the criteria for mandatory registration. These include:

Not sure if you have to register? Find out who is exempt from registration.

For more information

Go to the Registration FAQs or contact the Employer Service Centre.