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Report fraud

WorkSafeBC's corporate fraud policy

To fulfill its statutory mandate, WorkSafeBC will not tolerate fraud or abuse from any party, including employers, workers, suppliers, service providers or WorkSafeBC staff. We assess risks, identify areas of exposure and take the corrective measures necessary to protect WorkSafeBC assets. WorkSafeBC will aggressively seek to protect and recover any assets where fraud is suspected or confirmed. For more comprehensive information, please read the corporate fraud policy.

The impact of fraud

Fraudulent activity impacts the organization's integrity and accountability to its stakeholders and adds to the difficulty in maintaining equity within the workers' compensation system. Fraud affects not only WorkSafeBC, but all employers and workers whose rights WorkSafeBC must protect and whose responsibilities WorkSafeBC ensures are upheld.

Reporting fraud

Fraud is committed when a person knowingly and willfully makes a false representation to WorkSafeBC, by action or omission, that causes WorkSafeBC to make payments, provide services that would not have otherwise been provided, or to not receive payments or services that should have been provided.

Fraud relating to workers' compensation can take many forms. Examples of activities that concern WorkSafeBC:

  • Employers understating or falsifying assessable payrolls
  • Injuries not reported as required by the Workers Compensation Act
  • Workers submitting false claims or working while in receipt of benefits
  • Third party suppliers or providers billing for goods and services not supplied or services not performed
  • Workers, while on a claim, are paid other than by cheque such as: free rent, reimbursement of expenses or barter
  • Employers deducting wages to pay for assessments
  • Employers preventing reporting of injuries
  • Employer/worker agreements to not report claims or to waive benefits
  • Unregistered employers, or those who only register when a claim is filed

Read frequently asked questions about WorkSafeBC fraud.

How to report fraud

There are a number of ways to report fraud:
  1. Fill out a fraud allegation form online.
  2. Call the Fraud Tip Line at 1 877 523-3315, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. (voice mail after hours), providing as much information as you can. It's a good idea to write down the information before calling.
  3. Send an e-mail message to
  4. Submit fraud information by mail to:
  5. Field Investigations Department
    P.O. Box 94400
    Richmond, BC V6Y 2A8

  6. Fax your information to 604 279-7688.

Safety violations

If you are reporting a safety violation or a workplace health issue, please call 1 888 621-7233.