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Reporting serious injuries and fatalities


To report a serious incident or fatality, phone
Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. 1 888 621-SAFE (7233)
After hours (Richmond) toll-free 1 866 WCB-HELP (922-4357)

What types of incidents must be reported immediately?

You must immediately phone to report the following types of incidents to the WorkSafeBC's emergency and accident line whether there is an injury or not:

  • Any incident that kills, causes risk of death, or seriously injures a worker
  • Any blasting accident that results in injury, or unusual event involving explosives
  • A diving incident that causes death, injury, or decompression sickness requiring treatment
  • A major leak or release of a dangerous substance
  • A major structural failure or collapse of a structure, equipment, construction support system, or excavation
  • Any serious mishap

Is there a requirement to protect the incident scene?

Unless directed by a WorkSafeBC officer or a peace officer, no one must disturb the scene of a reportable accident except to:

  • attend to persons injured or killed
  • prevent further injuries or death
  • protect property that is endangered as a result of the accident

Is there a requirement for employers to investigate after an incident?

After certain workplace incidents, including the types identified above as requiring immediate reporting, employers are required to conduct an investigation and submit a full investigation report to us within 30 days of the incident. For more details, please see Reporting incidents to WorkSafeBC.

Are there any critical incident resources to help co-workers affected by a serious incident?

After a work-related serious injury or fatality

WorkSafeBC has resources to help workers and their families cope in the event of a serious injury or death.

For workers:

Your Road to Recovery — A Guide for Seriously Injured Workers
(PDF 1.5mb)