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What to do if you're injured

If you're injured at work, you must report it to your employer immediately. An employer telling you to not report an injury or disease, or even trying to talk you out of reporting it to WorkSafeBC, is against the law.

After an injury you must:

  • Report your injury to your employer.
  • Seek medical attention for your injury. If you need an ambulance or transportation from your workplace to your doctor's office or the hospital, your employer is required to pay those costs. Be sure to tell your doctor your injury is work related.

Work-related diseases

Report work-related diseases as soon as you notice the symptoms. Even if you're not working or you've changed jobs when you realize you have a work-related disease, contact WorkSafeBC right away.

For more information on injury reporting, including how your doctor and employer report work-related injuries, see Injury reporting.

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