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Employers' Monthly Claim Coststhis service is secured and requires a userid and password

This secured service allows employers to access their monthly claim costs online. You can:

  • View and print your Claim Cost Statement in a PDF format, or
  • Download monthly claim cost data files to create statistical reports

Employers may establish and manage online access to another firm's Monthly Claim Costs by establishing permissions through Delegate Management.

For more information about privacy, disclosure and right of access to these records, visit the Information Policy and Privacy Branch of the B.C. Ministry of Management Services.

This application is restricted to employers who have active WorkSafeBC account numbers.

Access to this service requires signing up for secured online services and agreeing to a disclaimer statement.

Claim Cost Statements to become Claims Cost Reports

In August 2011, we’re introducing the new Claim Cost Report. These new reports will be easier to use, and, best of all, we’re enhancing our online application and our download files to provide more claim cost details.

Please note that current download file formats will continue to be available.

View the sample files:

  Due to scheduled maintenance this service may not be available on Fridays from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. (PST). We apologize for any inconvenience.  

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