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2014 Quick Facts


How many people does WorkSafeBC serve?

  • Almost 221,000 employers
  • 2.22 million workers are covered

How many phone calls does WorkSafeBC receive every working day?

  • An average of 20,000+ calls

How many pages of documentation does WorkSafeBC receive every working day?

  • WorkSafeBC receives nearly a million claims-related documents per year. That is about 4,000 documents and around 16,000 pages per day.

How many workplaces in B.C. are covered by WorkSafeBC?

  • 500,000+

Percentage of injured workers who rate their experience with WorkSafeBC as good or very good:

  • 77%

Percentage of employers who rate their experience as good or very good:

  • 82%

Percentage of public who believe WorkSafeBC is making a positive contribution to B.C.:

  • 91%

What was WorkSafeBC's financial status at the end of 2011?

  • Assets were $12.55 billion
  • Premium income from employers was $1.1 billion
  • Investment income was $488 million
  • Funded position was $2.55 billion

What is the assessable payroll and how big is it?

  • The assessable payroll is the gross earnings of all workers, including wages, salaries, commissions, holiday pay, bonuses, piecework, and any other remuneration paid to workers before deductions, up to a maximum wage per worker
  • The total assessable payroll from employers was $74.93 billion in 2011 (estimated)

What was the aggregate premium rate for employers?

On average, the actual amount collected from employers was $1.51 per $100 of assessable payroll in 2011.

What was WorkSafeBC's funding level in 2011?

At the end of 2011, WorkSafeBC had a funding level of 125%.

How much were WorkSafeBC's costs for 2011?

  • Claim costs were $1,645 million
  • Other costs were $210 million

What is the percentage of male to female injured workers?

  • 63% were men; 37% were women

What is the average age of an injured worker?

  • 42

How many young workers (under age 25) were injured in 2014?

  • 6,650 (13%)

How many workers over age 55 were injured in 2014?

  • 9,920 (19%)

How many days were lost from work to injury?

  • 2.6 million

What were the top five injuries (number of claims) in 2014?

  1. Strains (excluding back strains): 17,955
  2. Back strains: 11,595
  3. Cuts: 5,170
  4. Contusions: 4,665
  5. Fractures: 3,555

How many fatal claims were accepted in 2014?

  • 173

How many short-term disability claims were paid for the first time in 2014?

  • 45,176

When a worker was injured on the job, how long was it from the day of disablement to the first payment on a claim?

  • 18.4 days

What was the average number of days paid for short-term disability claims?

  • 55.4 days

What are the top industry subsectors for claims?

  • Health care/social services; construction; accommodation, food, and leisure services; retail; transportation and related services

How many injuries were reported last year?

  • 146,814

How many claims were accepted last year?

  • In 2014, WorkSafeBC accepted (claims first paid) 102,791

What percentage of claims were disallowed in 2014?

  • 8.6 %

How many health and safety inspections were done in 2014?

  • 39,331

How many health and safety orders were written in 2014?

  • 57,507

How many penalties were imposed in 2014?

  • 433

What was the value of penalties imposed in 2014?

  • $5,994,974